Septic Remediation

Septic remediation is the process of cleaning and removing sludge buildup from a tile bed thereby restoring its function. After years of use the tile bed can become plugged with solids, which leads to failure.

Signs of failure can be slow flushing toilets, gurgling sinks, odours, wet spots around the tank or tile bed, or backup into the house.

In most cases remediation is a viable and very cost effective solution to a failed system. The process starts by excavating the header to expose each individual line. A high pressure water jetter is used to clean the lines along with a vacuum truck to remove sludge.

The excavation is then back filled, and your system is working again! This process is a fraction of the cost of a new installation, it has minimal excavation and the process is typically completed in one day!

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call today for a free evaluation.